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Let us correct your scientific manuscripts written in English

Before you send any manuscript to a potential publisher, you need to make sure that:

  • Your English is perfect
  • Your scientific style is perfect
  • The content of your manuscript is perfect
  • The organisation of your manuscript is perfect
  • The presentation of your manuscript is perfect

We make sure of these things.

We do not simply check that the English you write is grammatically correct, we read your manuscript with a critical eye.  When we find something we can improve, we will tell you, and fix it.  We are biologists, so we should be able to follow your work; if we can’t, there’s something wrong, and will we work with you until your paper is understandable by any scientist.  If WE can understand it, EVERYONE ELSE should be able to. You are no longer on your own.

Our Guarantee

You have almost certainly received a comment from a referee that says something like “have a native English person check your work”.   Don’t worry, this happens to everyone.  In fact, this could occur even if your manuscript was checked by the Queen of England with the help of all the Professors of Oxford University.  The explanation is simple: not all referees are expert English speakers, and they make mistakes.  If you suffer any problems of this kind after we have prepared your manuscript, we will call the editor of the journal in question and explain that your English is, in fact, perfect.  We have only had to do this a few times, but the result has always been satisfactory.

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